David vs. Goliath - How Vertical Software Solutions Revolutionize the HR Landscape

The pressure to act in the field of Human Resources is massive: on one hand, we are faced with serious shortages in qualified personnel and changing employee attitudes and expectations, while on the other hand we find disruptive digital solutions and applications promising relief. It’s the era of new management concepts and HR strategies, which are reflected in these very digital solutions. But which software solution is the right one for my business, which one will help me to master these challenges?

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Leadership in the Era of Digital Transformation

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In the near future, companies need to become active in the digitalization. The benefits are high for those companies who properly shape digital transformation along with them. Our free white paper will guide you in this process.


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From Performance Review to Performance Preview

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This white paper provides essential tips to help you redesign your performance evaluation. People are key to a successful company. Understanding the strategic relevance of performance management is the basis to develop your own strategy for 2016.


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About Loopline Systems

At the heart of loopline lie high-quality feedback, individualized development of personal potential and employee satisfaction. Because every path to further development begins with constructive feedback.

With loopline there is no need to introduce new complex technological structures – loopline adapts itself to existing processes within your company. Existing documents and templates can be uploaded with ease. Performance scales and the length of feedback periods can also be adapted to the individual company in a straightforward fashion.

Transparency regarding individual employee satisfaction opens up new possibilities for employee guidance as well as for fostering an open approach to the feedback dialogue. The linking of individual data on performance and satisfaction enables a timely response to change on both individual and organizational levels.

Good feedback is future-oriented. That’s why loopline connects performance evaluation to development goals and training, in order to make full use of the developmental potential of every individual employee. And every employee can make their voice heard.

In this way, you can develop top performers and respond to changes in their satisfaction at an early stage. New insights into performance and satisfaction data open up unique opportunities for strategic analysis and the long-term steering of your company.