What is good feedback?

On point - the definition of feedbackRead more.


Why is feedback important?

10 facts about feedback. Read more.


Introducing loopline-Email Templates

Introducing feedback can be difficult - we support with email templates. Go to templates. 


Give feedback to your employees

Communication guidelines for managers. A step-by-step guide for a successful feedback talk.


How should I formulate feedback?

It's not always easy to communicate constructively - Some examples on how to improve here.


Give feedback to your manager

Communication guide for an honest and differentiated feedback here.


How to give your colleagues feedback

Peer-feedback is one of the toughest to conduct. Some tips on how to take a successful approach here.


How to react to feedback

A checklist on how to take even criticism well. Go to checklist.


How can I use feedback to grow?

Four concrete tips on how to implement your feedback today. Go to tips.